Funding & Partnerships

Help us discover more about  MAPK8IP3 so we can help those who are diagnosed with it.

The Wolverine Foundation is dedicated to collaboratively developing therapeutics that will continually expand research into the MAPK8IP3-related disorder.

To manage our diverse research portfolio we fund and work with academic researchers around the world. The Wolverine Foundation does not issue requests for research proposals but we continue to be receptive to novel ideas and will explore new areas of biology that have relevance to MAPK8IP3, particularly when the therapeutic approach has disease-modifying potential. 

If we are interested in funding your research proposal then typically The Wolverine Foundation and your research institution will enter into a research funding agreement that sets out a detailed project description, milestones and deliverables, and a specific budget. Our team will be involved in the design and oversight of the project and will work with you to develop a mutually agreeable research plan. The investigator must conduct the research as specified in the contract and deliver progress reports to receive milestone-based payments.

Under our standard research agreement the research institution owns the data and intellectual property generated during the project and has the sole and exclusive right to publish. Results may be shared confidentially within our own research sphere, a community of investigators and organizations that we fund.  Unless noted in the Funding Agreement, the Wolverine Foundation will not be responsible for any overhead costs or indirect costs associated with our Funding.  

Research Proposal Submission Form

Our goal is to broaden the participation of the MAPK8IP3 research community by providing ever sharper tools for understanding the disease and for developing effective therapies. Easier access should also help accelerate research and increase the participation of the MAPK8IP3 research community. The Wolverine Foundation is dedicated to collaboratively developing therapeutics that will continually expand research into the MAPK8IP3-related disorder.  Please fill out this research proposal form.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to process an external academic research proposal?

    Proposals will be reviewed extensively by our science directors. Initial review usually takes about 4 weeks. If there is mutual interest to enter into a research agreement, the drafting of a work plan and budget and agreement execution may take an additional 1-3 months

    Does THE WOLVERINE FOUNDATION give access to materials, animals, or special services?

    The Wolverine Foundation can make certain materials—such as cell lines, animal models— available depending on the project.


    What kind of costs are included in MAPK8IP3 funding?

    We have a detailed budget policy. MAPK8IP3 supports costs for postdocs and experienced research personnel, consumables, animals, and various other costs. MAPK8IP3 does not normally support graduate students, training, administrative staff, equipment costs, office supplies, various other indirect or overhead costs.

    Are you a parent or caregiver of a patient who has been diagnosed with MAPK8IP3-related genetic disorder?

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