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Mapk8ip3 Genetic Mutation

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The Wolverine Foundation was established in 1999 to assist and contribute to the support of organizations operated exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes.  Recently The Wolverine Foundation began concentrating some resources on developing a near-term treatment for the MAPK8IP3 Genetic Mutation.  This genetic disease has only recently been discovered with scant research.  The Wolverine Foundation serves to advance research and discover novel therapeutic approaches to treat the neuro-developmental disease caused by genetic variations in the gene MAPK8IP3. The Foundation aims to accomplish these goals by supporting a team of researchers to:

1) Investigate disease mechanisms and novel therapeutic approaches associated with MAPK8IP3 genetic variants

2) Manage a diverse portfolio of research projects that encourages scientific collaboration to more directly connect academic research, drug discovery and clinical development. Our activities extend from exploratory biology to the identification and validation of therapeutic targets, and from drug discovery and development to clinical studies and trials

We work in a number of different ways:

• We fund and work with academic MAPK8IP3 researchers at universities around the world

• We act as a ‘collaborative enabler’ for any research group that wants to work on MAPK8IP3 by making resources (mouse models, clinical samples, etc.) freely available to the MAPK8IP3 research community.

• We invite the possible partnership with biotech and pharmaceutical companies to develop potential drugs



A big part of The Wolverine Foundation’s remit is to collaboratively enable any researcher that is interested in working on The MAPK8IP3 Genetic Mutation by lowering the barrier to entry through the provision of MAPK8IP3 domain knowledge, animal models or funding. In our role as a collaborative enabler, The Wolverine Foundation seeks to bring the right partners together to identify and address critical scientific issues to increase the understanding of MAPK8IP3 and hasten the development of therapeutic approaches to clinical evaluation as rapidly as possible.  We also work closely with colleagues at the patient advocacy organizations (like the patient family group) around the world to forge links between patients/families and researchers/clinicians to speed the drug development process.

Are you a parent or caregiver of a patient who has been diagnosed with MAPK8IP3-related genetic disorder?

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