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Easy access to validated biomaterials removes resource barriers for researchers currently working on MAPK8IP3 and for others new to the field. The Wolverine Foundation recognizes that MAPK8IP3 therapeutic development is dependent on the research scientists’ unobstructed access to quality-controlled research tools and we are continually developing methods, tools, and other resources for all researchers working on MAPK8IP3. Our goal is to broaden the participation of the MAPK8IP3 research community by providing ever sharper tools for understanding the disease and for developing effective therapies. Easier access should also help accelerate research and increase the participation of the MAPK8IP3 research community.

Wolverine Foundation MAPK8IP3 BioRepository

The Wolverine Foundation is in the process of  establishing a secure, centralized repository called the Wolverine Foundation MAPK8IP3 BioRepository to store and distribute quality-controlled and reliable research biomaterials.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain MAPK8IP3 Biomaterials?

Please email for biomedical data requests.  

Approved IRB requests will be accommodated  after completing an MTA.

Does MAPK8IP3 give access to materials, animals, or special services?

The Wolverine Foundation can make certain materials—such as cell lines, animal models—available depending on the project.

I have a suggestion for a reagent that would be important to the MAPK8IP3 research community, who do I contact to discuss?

We continuously seek out and commission biological reagents that may be useful to MAPK8IP3 researchers. Please forward your suggestions to

Are you a parent or caregiver of a patient who has been diagnosed with MAPK8IP3-related genetic disorder?

Patients & Caregivers


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