Wolverine Update – Monday Agenda

Thank you to everyone who has accepted our March 16th, 2022 SAB Meeting Invite. Please see Monday’s agenda here. I look forward to discussing many upcoming events at the meeting. Thank you so much to our wonderful team. Amy

Crowder Lab Update

New data shows that injecting wild-type Jip3 protein rescues the decreased total activity phenotype in knockout (loss-of-function) Jip3 homozygous fish and that zygotes injected with R578C (patient variant) mRNA shows a significant decrease in total activity (similar...

Wolverine Update

Hello Team! We are looking forward to an exciting meeting Monday morning with an update from the Chung Lab on the MAPK8IP3 Natural History Study. Additionally, I would love to have an open discussion on the possible disease mechanism similarities between the KIF1A...

Wolverine Update

Looking forward to our Monday, February 14th, 2022 Research Meeting where we will hear a research update from the Roger Davis Lab. Please have a wonderful weekend! Amy